Historical Amsterdam with modern touch

On June 1st I was visiting a client for my normal day job. It was in one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam at the Hoogte Kadijk street. When I first entered the street a large graffiti artwork caught my eye. Research on the internet learned that it is made by a Brasilian artist called Fefe Talavera. It is part of an art project which consists of multiple graffiti art works throughout the city in less modernized neighbourhoods.

Graffiti art

I was also intriged by the large stone building next to where my car was parked. It had huge high windows and I could only see some wooden or steel beams through it. Looking through one of the lower windows I read on a sign “Amsterdamse electriciteitscentrale” (Amsterdam electricity plant). It has been one of the first electricity plants of the city. It is built around 1900. In the harbor next to it the inland vessels off load the coal to fuel this plant.

Electricity plant

When I crossed the street I saw the third thing I really liked. It was an old warehouse turned into modern appartments. As you can seen on the photo below the facade of the building is still standing so that the neighbourhood still has a historical feeling. The building is called “De Kalenderpanden” (The Calendar Facilities). It is called Calendar Facilities because in the past there were 12 storage facilities that all bore the name of a month.


All photos are taken with my iPhone 5s.

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