Inside ING HQ

Since a few months I’m hired by ING to work on a project for my daytime job. I work inside the ING HQ building called Amsterdamse Poort. Every time I walk through the building I am wondering about the strange architecture with all the stairs going up and down. Gangways left or right and waterfalls running inside banisters. I am not a very experienced architecture photographer but I wanted to try this. Facility Management allowed to take photos so I want to thank ING for giving me this opportunity.

Information at the website of the architects:
The building has: 58.000 m² office and 28.000 m² parking garage. The ten towers have a total of 43 working floors. The energy concept has an high economical energy result. Appreciation of the building both by the people working in it and its visitors, is also determined buy the use of color and art. The building was predestinated  to be one of the lowest energy consumption buildings in the world in 1983.

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