Photographer business cards



Last week I thought that with a starting photo business I also needs some business cards to present myself. In the past I already saw the website of I liked what they present but it is abroad for me (I live in The Netherlands). So I researched the market of printed business cards here in The Netherlands.

But while looking around and configuring a lot of different cards on several different websites, none of them appealed to me. So I returned to Moo last week and created the business mini cards that I have received today. I’m very satisfied about the whole ordering process, communication and delivery.

Here are the boxes with my cards

Moo card boxes


I ordered a pack of cards with 5 different backs. 5 of my photos are printed on one side of the card with my contact info on the other side.

5 cards


Some of my photos hang on the walls of my employers office and I am allowed to put my card below the photos for my own promotion.

below photo

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