Preparing my first photo shoot

A week ago I was contacted through LinkedIn by someone not particularly looking for a photographer, but searching for people to recruit in my field of expertise. By coincidence she saw in my profile that I also do some photography and that is the way things started.

She asked if I also do people photo shoots besides my landscape, macro and architecture work. I was honest and told her no, but I also got excited about the opportunity. She has just started her own company in career planning and recruitment and wants to have better and more personal photos for her website instead of the standard stock photos that are on there now. After seeing the website I already had some photo ideas which I immediately emailed to her.

She and her business partner got excited too about my ideas and today we met face to face. It was a very good meeting. They said that they saw me start laughing when I talk about photography. That was the moment that they decided to hire me for this shoot.

We have planned a date for the shoot. Now we all going to think about where the shoot will take place and what kind of photos they want (casual/formal). The shoot will take place in a village that I do not know at all. So with the program “The Photographer’s Ephimeris” I will determine were the sun will be in the sky during the shoot and with Google Maps satellite view I will search for some some photo spots.

That’s it for now. I will post again when the shoot is done.

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