Prints at dentist



The last seven years I had to visit my dentist too often unfortunately. It is a nice guy and we can talk endlessly about cars and photography. When he had to decorate his practice years ago he bought some photos to put on the walls. In the beginning when I visited, those photos (of pianos and almost black and white) looked good and artistic, but after some time I thought that some colour would be nice.


So I proposed to put some of my own photos on the walls of his practice. Not only to brighten up the place but also to promote this website. We agreed and these three photos have been printed and framed. I’ll bring them to my dentist in a few days.

Framed prints

I have to say that it makes me proud to see some of my work been printed and framed. I’m sure it will look awesome when hanging on the wall. Some photos will be posted on my twitter account (@marcusmphotog).

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