Think small

At some time, not long ago, I thought about taking my photo hobby to the next level. I set up this website to create an online portfolio so people can see the kind of photos I create. Also selling photos online seemed a good idea. So I have created accounts with some well known sites like FineArtAmerica and 500px.

But, while selling online is not that successful, my local sales are. Just by talking to people, seeing opportunities and being eager to see my photos in places that I visit, is successful for me. So, my dentist wanted some new photos for his practice and recently a friend of my wife wanted a photo in her hallway. By these sales I realised that I have to start small and not trying to conquer the world at once.

Now my plans are to select a printing house to print a flyer. With this flyer I want to promote the photos that I shot in my city and surrounding area, to my local neighbourhood. These photos are available for print on canvas for example and can be ordered directly through me instead of an internationally orientated website. Printing the flyer will only cost me a couple of euros, so it is worth a try I think.

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